Tuesday, May 13, 2008


(1) Military Government has sealed off the disaster area (delta region)

(2) No one goes in and out.

(3) Soldiers and check points are every where.

(4) They stop all the cars, trucks, buses

(5) If they find relief supplies, the confiscate the supplies.

(6) They arrest anyone whose ID card does not belong to that region.

(7) There are individuals risking their lives to go in there through jungles, swamp lands, etc. with whatever relief supply they can carry in their hands.

(8) Massive relief efforts are outlawed.

(9) No one dares to go help.

(10) Donation to shelters requires permission from the thugs.

(11) Any violators will be beaten by thugs.

(12) Thugs are searching for people who carrying cameras, camcorders, etc. and arrest them.

(13) It is a big geographic area but only handful of roads going in and out and they seize control of the roads and the area.

(14) Army and police, are everywhere supported by plain-clothed spies and thugs armed with machetes, guns, bamboo/wooden sticks, and walkie talkies.

(15) Law enforcement there is NOT to serve people. They are to suppress the people. The law enforcement is controlled by the military. Basically, law enforcement is not our friend.

(16) The situation there is not good and military government does not want you to see.
(17)Emphasizing to Phyar Pone Township, authority declare "curfew" on top of "State of Emergency" to forbid not to go out at nights, but they are dumping dead bodies to the river at nights.

(18)Today, all the photo shops in yangon were informed by government NOT to print any Nargis-related photographs.

(19)2 days ago Khaw Thu (a famous Myanmar actor) was almost beaten up by Swan Arr Shin and USDA when they were trying to donate relief goods directly.

(20)In Kyauk Than township, 2 monasteries and 1 school (now being used as temporary shelters for storm victims),
are forced to move out at latest by 14 May as they are going to use the school and monastery as the voting station.

(21) Regarding rescue missions, 1 Red Cross ship sank. 1 helicopter down.

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